What is Guest Post?

What is Guest Post?

It means writing content for other website or blog. It is like advertising your brand at someone else place.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Guest posts provided by us will have 2 do follow links on your root domain or URL provided by customers.

1. Boost Domain Authority and SERP Ranking

It is the best method to improve a website rating and gain trust of search engines that you have valuable information. Many websites are ranking #1 just because of guest posting from high Page Rank Blogs.

2. Traffic on your Website

It boosts the traffic of a website. It has been conducted in a survey that 3-5% of total visitors to a website follow the link of guest posting.
You can get as much as 500 visitors daily. Moreover, you get the quality of visitors that are interested in your website content. With Twitter Followers Trend, you are getting all these services for free.

3. Online Presence

Websites that seek online presence, guest blogging is the most effective. When quality content has been posted visitors remember the author and their websites.

4. Already made Authority

It takes years to a new website to gain credibility and trust of people but Guest Post has totally changed it. With Twitter Followers Trend we are building authority of your websites.

5. Make customers familiar with your brand

If a article written by you has got 10000 visitors, you might get 300-500 visitors but these people from now onwards are also your customers. They will have a look at your product.

6. Boost your Subscribers

Apart from the traffic, you also get subscribers to your newsletters. These become your loyal customers and whenever you have posted something new people will know about it.

7. Seek out what others have to say:

If your blog is not a repudiated one, people will be encouraged to comment and it looks dull that no one has commented.

Visitors from Guest post analyze your post and then go to the homepage. There are 40% chances people who visit you through Guest Post will have more than 1 page view. Most likely, people will like to give feedback.

With Twitter Followers Trend we offer you guest post on high Page Rank Blogs. You do not have to write the Blog Post, we will write it for you.

Note: If you want a specific Content you can provide us. It should be 100% Unique.

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