buying fake twitter followers

You can buy fake twitter followers in a very cheap price but these followers are just the numbers, not the followers. It has been conducted in a survey that about 20 million twitter accounts are for sale.

It is a booming business and very easy through bots for people to buy followers. It is a trend now days to buy followers. All politicians, musicians, celebrities and entrepreneurs are doing it.

You do not have to buy fake twitter followers. Real followers can be bought too.

What is the difference between fake followers and real followers?

Fake Followers

fake followers on twitter

1.They do not engage in conversation with you.

2. They do not have their own image instead they have eggshell as their profile image.

3. They do not have a bio on their profile.

4. They follow more than 1000 people.

5. They have less than 50 followers.

Real Followers

real followers on Twitter

1. They have their own image or the image of their brand.

2. They are active on twitter.

3. They tweet.

4. They retweet.

5. There is more number of followers than following.

The main problem is with their technique. They are using only bots and according to twitter policies they soon are going to take action.

There are very few companies like us that give real followers. We know the importance of real followers.That is why we give FREE SEO SERVICE for our clients.


1. Deep links on PR7, PR6, PR5 and PR4 directories.

2. Guest Post on PR4 and PR3 blogs.

3. Comment on .EDU and .GOV top level domains.

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Do you have fake followers?

You might have some fake followers. Followers are categorized into three categories.

1. Active

2. Inactive

3. Fake

People who are engaged in your tweets are active followers. The others are who have followed you but are not active and the fake followers are just numbers. They have followed you. That is it.


The @mashable very popular website has only 14% active followers than their official following. The rest 84 % are fake and inactive.

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have only fraction of their followers. more than 90% of their followers are fake.

Twitter Followers Trend has been reviewed by They have rated us 4.7 on a scale of 5.

Average price for 1000 real followers who are geo targeted, keywords targeted and interest targeted can be bought for $17. Apart from that you can also opt for free SEO services.

The objective of is to give our customers quality followers who are interested in their profile and tweets to have high conversation rate.

We know the importance of Search Engine Optimization in following. That is why we have proclaimed a FREE SEO PACKAGES with very product.

The followers provided by us will have their bios, images, following and followers.

It is a new way to measure social media influence.

Getting real followers will boost your sales and it is a fashion that directly reflects your credibility and popularity.

It is easy to buy followers but it is not possible to buy engagement but with we are more focused on engagement with followers.

We would like you to enlighten with one of our customers

One of our customers Marta Heller has bought 2500 twitter followers from us.

testimonial of marta heller

Within 3 days she had 2961 followers in her account. She is a photographer working in US. 76% of the followers were from US (as per her request). When she tweet a photograph taken by her for the first time after complete delivery she got 176 retweets for that tweet and 255 mark that tweet as their favorite.

Just after 2 days, the followers increase to 3052.

Within a week, her followers were more than 5K.

Now, whenever she tweets, it gets at least more than 350 favorites and 200 retweets for a single retweets.

With us, you are buying engagement that you will not get anywhere.

When you buy followers from us, they will retweets your tweets, favorite that and sharing them on their own timeline.

Numbers also matter what matters the most is the one who followed you. We use three different techniques to get our customers the best followers possible according to the niche.

How do fake accounts work?

There are bots which make account by registering mail id of anyone they get on net (When a Twitter Account is not associated with that mail id). It pick up an image from the folders made by them look like genuine account. These bots follow anyone which depends on who is using the software.

The numbers of these kinds of followers do not matter. It will create a negative impression when some genuine people will see fake followers. Buying 1000 followers for just $3 looks attractive but it will not get you anywhere.

How do real Followers work?

When you give us order, we promote your account among those people who are interested in following you.

How we get real followers




KEYWORDS– Our team looks at your tweets and your bios and make keywords for you. These keywords target your profile.

We give real followers, that is why it is necessary for people who are taking our service to maintain a good bio, tweet have their own image (or image of their brand).

When people look with those keywords they will seek your profile. We are giving real followers so we do not have any control on what they do but it seems reliable as your account username will be on the top.

That looks promising to the people and there are high chances they will follow you.

INTEREST – If you are an artist we promote your tweet among the people who have interest in artists. When someone comes across with something of their interest, they are encouraged to follow you.

COUNTRY – When you select a country we promote your account through geo targeted keywords so that you can have followers from specific locations.

We stop promotion once you get requested followers.

We do not use bots like others.

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