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The air of Instagram didn’t take much time to popularize itself. Instagram has created a wide sensation, especially amongst the youth generation. People love posting their pictures and sharing about their recent visits to different locations. Basically, Instagram is an app where people have the right to share lots and lots of photographs. One of the integral elements of this app in the comments. The more the comments you get on your Instagram post, then wonder is your chances of becoming popular. You can easily buy Instagram comments from our company, Twitterfollowerstrend. Our company is ready to assist you if you want to buy real Instagram comments, you can also buy targeted Instagram comments with the help of our company Twitterfollowerstrend. We have got a wider range of options to offer you, choose to buy Arab Instagram comments, or you can prefer to buy USA Instagram comments.


50 Instagram Comments
  • Comments from active Fans
  • Delivery Time : 18 Days
  • 50+ Comments
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Free upgrade to Premium Members
  • Spit into Posts
100 Instagram Comments
  • Comments from active Fans
  • Delivery Time : 5 Days
  • 100+ Comments
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Free upgrade to Premium Members
  • Spit into Posts
250 Instagram Comments
  • Comments from active Fans
  • Delivery Time : 10 Days
  • 100+ Comments
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Free upgrade to Premium Members
  • Spit into Posts
500 Instagram Comments
  • Comments from active Fans
  • Delivery Time : 18 Days
  • 500+ Comments
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Free upgrade to Premium Members
  • Spit into Posts
1000 Instagram Comments
  • Comments from active Fans
  • Delivery Time : 18 Days
  • 1000+ Comments
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Free upgrade to Premium Members
  • Spit into Posts


We have proved to our customers that we are dedicated to give them the best service possible. We deliver fast results and give you the complete report after successful completion of your order. The objective of our company is to offer our customers Comments, not numbers.People who follow you are the targeted people that Comment, Like and reply to your messages.

How does Buy targeted Instagram Comments work?

Our Research team analyze your acount. We promote your account among people to the locations you have chosen and people who have interest in your brand. You will see results when people engage with your post.


We Respect our customers privacy. We do not disclose any information. The testimonials on our site are published by taking prior permission of our customers.


Our team works in a way to meet up the expectations of our customers in the best way possible. We assure you that if you buy targeted Instagram comments from our company Twitterfollowerstrend, then you will never lose your comments. We assure you, if in case you lose any of your comments then either you will get them back, or you will get your money refunded.


Our team is forever ready to assist you. You can contact our team any time you want; we are working 24 hours and 365 days. If you witness any sort of issue, feel free to contact us via email.

We have helped more than 20000 companies, people and personal brands to boost their social campaign.

What are the bot comments?

Bot comments are the fake Instagram comments; you can get them at a very low price. But these comments are a threat to your account, the Instagram terms and conditions don’t allow bot comments and hence if in case Instagram detects that you have got bot comments on your posts then it will delete them automatically.

Why should you prefer to buy real Instagram comments?

Comments are indeed a very useful element for your Instagram account, the more the number of comments you have on your posts displays your popularity. Your account looks more attractive not only to your potential followers but also to the people who visit your profile if people see a large number of comments you have got on your posts then they will surely prefer following you.

We will never ask you your passwords

We at Twitterfollowerstrend truly understands the privacy of our customers; we will never ask you to share any of your personal information, be it your user Id or your password. We also aware of our clients how risky it can be to share the sensitive information of your own account.

Fast delivery

We know the excitement you have as a customer when you choose to buy targeted Instagram comments from our company. We are really quick I processing the orders we receive. As soon as you process the payment, we start processing your order; we don’t require more than 15-30 minutes to complete your order.

No risk of decrease in comments

If you are choosing to buy USA Instagram comments or to buy Arab Instagram comments, you never need to worry about these comments getting deleted, if provide you will 100% real comments are they will always be displayed on your account.

Secure payment

If you are willing to make the payment once you are done with the selection of your package, it totally up to you which mode of transaction you want to prefer. You can make the payment via credit card, or you can also choose the most secure mode of payment, PayPal. It’s not mandatory for you to register before you transfer the payment.

Commonly asked questions

If it safe to buy Instagram comments?

Is it safe to buy real Instagram comments from our company, Twiiterfollowerstrend? We have a bulk of services to offer to you, such as you can also buy SoundCloud followers, TikTok fans, and LinkedIn connections from our company. We own a specialists’ team who has been in this field for many years. We have formulated sophisticated marketing tactics that aim at helping our customers in meeting their demands. If you choose us to get more and more comments added to your post, then we assure you that you stay on the safer side always. You can easily buy USA Instagram comments and buy Arab Instagram comments with our help.

How much time is required in the delivery of the comments?

We are quick with our orders; you see your comments on your posts within a few minutes once you have made the payment. In sporadic cases we require nearly 30 minutes to one hour to transfer comments, this happens only when we get bulk of orders at the same time.

Well, you need not think much about this, as in 99% cases you can notice the risk in your comment section in a blink of an eye. We have been coming up with techniques so that we can fulfill the demands of our customers without making them wait for long. Feel easy to buy real Instagram comments, as well as, to buy targeted Instagram comments with our help.

Can I enter my own comments?

To meet our clients’ aspirations, we come up with different tactics and one such feature which we will provide you is the custom comments option. Its working is same as that of the random comments, all that you require to do is when you will choose a post, you will get a window in front where you can mention your own comments you want to get posted. Per post minimum comments list consists of comments.

If I have a private Instagram account, can I still order comments?

No, you can’t order comments for your private Instagram account reason being we won’t be able to see your posts if you have a private account, and hence it will be not possible for us to add comments on your post. If you are a person who doesn’t prefer keeping the account public then too, we have a solution for you. If you are willing to buy Instagram comments, then you can set your Instagram account public for some time so before you place your order, once your order gets delivered to your account, then you can change the settings and make your account private again.

What information do I require to provide you?

You need to provide us with the user name of your Instagram account. Once you have entered your username, our system will present before you your recent posts, and you can easily select from them on which posts you want to get comments added. As you select the posts, you will be displayed the number of comments which you will get on your posts.

If I purchase Instagram posts, will I get likes and followers?

Well, there is a lot of possibilities that you receive a good amount of followers if you have lots of likes on your posts. But from our side we don’t guarantee you that you are buying likes from us then you will be getting extra engagements as well. We provide a strong base for the people who are aiming to become popular faces in the world with the help of social media. Our social media, marketing agency, assist the influencers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs in attracting a massive crowd towards them.

Will my account be getting banned if I buy Instagram comments?

No, there isn’t any chance of your account getting banned, there’s nothing wrong in buying Instagram likes. Many companies and celebrities use social media marketing tactics and take the support of companies like ours to increase their reach at the social media level. It’s a normal process, and running campaigns, to get confirmed results, is considered to be the best way to reach a large group of the audience without wasting much time. We have been providing assistance to people since 2014, and nine of our customers have faced any issues like their accounts getting banned. We keep your information in a very confidential manner no one can ever get the idea that your purchased Instagram comments for your posts, not even the Instagram platform.

Do I need to share my user name and password to get the delivery?

We at Twitterfollowerstrend understand the privacy of our customers. We shall never ask you to share any of your sensitive information with us. To get started with the Instagram comments campaign on your post, we will never ask you to share your password with us.

Does the company provide free trials?

Till now our company Twitterfollowerstrend hasn’t started with the free trial of any of our services. If you want to test us, then we have small packages for you which are of meager price. If in case you’re wandering for any of the Instagram campaigns, then you can check out on our Instagram services page.

Choose to buy Arab Instagram comments, or you can also buy USA Instagram comments from our post.

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