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Why do people favorite a tweet?

1. Bookmark – Most of the follower mark favorite as a Bookmark. It act as a reminder that they would read it later and won’t forget.

It has been conducted in a survey that 63% of the users surf twitter from mobile and when they see good tweet, they favorite it to view later on big screen.

2. Thanks

It is showing appreciation to one’s content. Whether you have entertained someone or have given them useful information, people show their appreciation by marking your tweet favorite.

3. It is a “LIKE” Button

It is similar to facebook like button. Many favorite on a single tweet reflects that it has been popular and people like it.

4. Conversation Rate

Favorite reflects the conversation rate. If a tweet has many favorite, it shows more people have replied to it.

5. Positive Feedback

At last, it gives you a positive feedback that whatever you have tweeted was worth time people reading it.

Getting favorites is a great way to attract followers. People hesitate to follow someone but Favorite is a thing that encourages them to follow someone.